Baby Classes and COVID-19

I am absolutely delighted that my classes are returning. In accordance with Government guidelines and with the blessing of Midlothian Council Environmental Health department, Baby Massage and Baby Yoga are back! Book a class here.

During lockdown, I completed two online courses relating to the prevention of the spread of Coronavirus – “Prevent COVID-19” with the Virtual College and “COVID-19 Tackling the Novel Coronavirus” with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine I’m also keeping up to date with all Government advice in order to run my business in accordance with social distancing and enhanced hygiene measures. The following procedures will be in place…..

** Masks – please wear a face covering upon arrival for your class. It is more likely that you could come within 2m of other people as you arrive at the venue and it is important for everyone’s safety that a face covering is worn during this time. You will also be required to wear your mask whenever you are moving around the hall, including visiting the bathroom. Once seated for the class, face coverings can be removed. I can provide a disposable mask if you forget yours – I will ask for £1 for this, which I shall donate to charity.  There is no requirement to wear your face covering for outdoor sessions (in accordance with Government advice that there is no proven benefit to wearing one whilst outside).  Of course, if you feel more comfortable wearing your face covering throughout the classes, you are absolutely welcome to do so.

** Hand washing – please either wash your hands thoroughly in the venue bathrooms immediately prior to attending my class, or use hand sanitiser that I will supply (with 60% alcohol content as per Government recommendations). Please ensure your baby is placed safely whilst you use the hand sanitiser to minimise the risk of spills.

** 2metre social distancing gaps – I shall place floor markers indicating 2m gaps between every family.


** Mats and cushions – it is recommended that you bring your own yoga mat, towel and cushion with you to baby massage and baby yoga classes. I will have mats that can be borrowed if you forget and these shall be cleaned thoroughly after use and I shall refrain from touching them as far as possible.

** Cleaning – I am very confident that the venues I will be working in have stringent hygiene procedures in place, including provisions for deep cleaning. When I am running two classes on the same day, I shall be mopping floors and disinfecting touch points.

** Ventilation – I shall ventilate the room (by opening the windows/doors or using the ventilation system) prior to a class and then close them when we begin so that babies are not in a cold draught.

** Oils and handouts for baby massage – I shall provide these but you will be invited to collect them yourself, rather than me hand them out. These items will be placed in a box at least 72 hours prior to your class and I shall not touch them again (only the box). If you prefer to bring your own oil then please do (I can advise you on what you need) and I also can email handouts if that’s more desirable.

** Home baking – I am very sorry that I shall not be providing home baking during any of my classes for the time being. Please bring your own water to classes. You are welcome to bring your own snack to eat during the break/discussion section of baby massage classes.

** Illness – it is imperative that anyone experiencing any symptoms, or anyone who’s family members experience symptoms, that might indicate COVID-19, or indeed any other infectious disease, stay away from classes. This also applies to myself. Class transfers and online classes may be appropriate. Further details are available alongside my cancellation policy. 

** Contact and trace – I request contact details upon booking, firstly soI can contact you to provide details about the classes and secondly, so I have contact information for the NHS Track and Trace system.  I may be requested to provide the NHS with your contact details. I shall not use your contact details for any other reasons and I shall not pass your information on to any other organisation, except the NHS. Venues may require you to sign in on arrival – I will not pass your contact details to the venue team.

** I shall be testing myself twice a week using the at home lateral flow tests. It would be great if you could also test yourself on the morning of your class.  If you test positive after attending a class, please let me know so I can inform the others in the class to be extra vigilant.

It is my social responsibility, my legal obligation and a condition of my insurance that I ensure all of the above are implemented and followed by everyone. Failure to comply may result in a request for you to leave the class – I know that won’t happen, but I just need everyone to know how serious I will be taking this.

My classes will certainly look and feel a little different to normal, but I will do my best to ensure everyone feels welcomed, comfortable and (most importantly) safe. If you have any questions or concerns, then please do let me know. Click here to book your class.

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