New Course!

My baby classes are as much about the parent as they are about the baby and I am so excited to be introducing a brand new course – Wellbeing for Mother & Baby.  Actually, I think in these classes the focus is ever so slightly more on the mum than the baby!

In this five week course, there are weekly themes all centring on improving wellbeing for mum and baby; you might have already gleaned that information from the course name!

Each class opens with the ice breakers you are already familiar with if you have attended baby massage, baby yoga or forest babies – but there is a twist! We’ll learn various relaxation and movement techniques based on baby yoga and oriental stress relief practices. There are some absolutely beautiful story massages for babies; which are also perfect for any older children at home. We’ll learn new lullabies – I’ve been brushing up on my French! And each class shall include a discussion topic, linked to the weekly theme. These topics will get you thinking about evidence and research on topics such as sleep and help us all learn a little more about looking after our own wellbeing without needing time away from our baby.

My classes are safe spaces to share, confide in and support one another.  We all parent differently and there is no one right way to do anything.  One thing we are all missing in this pandemic world is chatting things through with other parents to learn from one another so I really do think that these classes will be super useful – certainly, the training got me thinking about my own habits!

This course is for mums and babies aged 3-12months. You can join this class whether you’ve attended other classes with me or not. Just drop me a note if you have any questions, or book your place here. Can’t wait to welcome you to my class!

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