About the Classes ~ Baby Massage

Baby Massage is the most wonderful tool with a myriad of benefits.  I firmly believe every parent should learn baby massage and every child should experience baby massage.

Baby Massage classes with me follow the International Association of Infant Massage curriculum.  I teach full body baby massage by introducing a new body part each week.  The routine is very traditional with roots in ancient Indian traditions and is supported by modern scientific research.  I also include a specially designed colic routine and gentle movements; the latter is based on baby yoga.

In every class, I share useful background information about baby massage and by doing so help you understand the best times to massage your baby; how to read your baby’s cues; the many benefits of baby massage; how to adapt baby massage as your child grows and/or how to include siblings in baby massage; the history of baby massage; and some research into the effects of baby massage.

Each session also includes an opportunity to share your experiences of parenthood and to learn and support each other. I aim to provide a really safe environment to discuss the challenges of parenthood.  We also celebrate success stories and finish each class with the reading of positive affirmations.

So the general format for every class is…

  • Welcome and a Reading
  • Introductions
  • Parent Relaxer
  • Baby Massage
  • Break
  • Baby Massage – repetition of the new strokes
  • Background information
  • Discussion
  • Reading of Positive Affirmations
  • Another Reading and Close

See testimonials to read what other parents thought of my classes.

A five week course costs £63.50. This includes five 90 minute classes, organic baby massage oil and a parent handbook. You can book your place here.