Some answers to the questions I get asked most often by parents…

What is baby massage and what happens in the classes?

During our classes, I will teach you full body baby massage one body part per week.  We also enjoy parent relaxation activities, discussions about baby massage, discussions about parenthood and cakes!

How old should my baby be before we start a class?

Baby massage is safe from birth.  Any baby between the ages of 0 and 11months is very welcome to attend baby massage classes with me.  I don’t have a minimum age requirement as I prefer each individual mummy or daddy to decide when is the best time to join a class.  Read more about this on my blog.

IMG_2408What happens if my baby cries during the class?

Babies cry.  Babies cry in classes.  It’s just part of being a baby.  Please don’t worry about your baby crying during one of my classes.  I have a very relaxed attitude to crying.  I’m a mum of three so I know all about crying (in every sense!).  All the mums in the class have experienced or will soon experience having a crying baby in a baby class.  Don’t worry.  Read more about crying in my blog.

Should I wake my baby to participate in the class?4273AE85-986B-44B3-B0E2-2A83CD46CF5D.jpeg

NO! Please don’t wake your baby to attend or to participate in my class.  If you are late because your baby slept longer than you expected, then that is just fine.  New parents are late and sometimes just getting yourself and your little one to a class at all is an achievement.  If you baby nods off on the journey to the class, just leave them sleeping (bring them in!).  I have a spare doll so you can practise your skills with the doll or you can just cuddle your snoozy baby and join in the other, non-practical aspects of the class.  Your parent handbook will keep you right when you practice at home.

What should I bring?

Your baby. All the baby paraphernalia.  Two hand towels – one to lie your baby on and one to possibly position your baby.  Your baby massage oil which you will be given in your first class.

How much is the class?

A five week course of five 90 minute sessions costs £60.  This includes baby massage oil, a parent handout booklet, home-baking (depending on the venue), a goody bag of mum treats and some other small surprises during the course.

Follow-on classes are £7 each paid in blocks of four or five weeks.  Additional bottles of oil are £2 each.

Baby Massage with Daddy workshops are £15 for a 90 minute class and this includes baby massage oil and a summary handout.

What if I miss a class or change my mind about attending altogether?

Cancellations affect my tiny business.  I often have waiting lists so if I know in advance that you no longer wish to attend I have a chance of filling your place.  I cannot fill a place after a course has started.  I therefore ask for payment in full a couple of days prior to the start date and I am unable to offer refunds as per my cancellation policy.

If you miss a class, I will try very hard to accommodate you in a subsequent block to ‘catch up’.  You may end up learning the full body massage in a funny order but you will still learn everything.  Catch up classes are subject to availability in another class.  I really do try my best to ensure everyone gets the five classes they pay for.

I really enjoyed the course – can I come back?56C5A619-B329-41C0-B8E5-960E8275BC17

Absolutely!  You have two choices.  You can either book another full course and repeat the five week block.  Or you can attend one of my follow-on sessions.

How do I book?

Easy – complete the form and I’ll get back to you ASAP (remember I’m a mum of thee juggling lots of things!).  Once you have booked, you will receive an email with full class information and payment details.  I look forward to welcoming you to one of my classes.