Cancellation Policy

cropped-img_16041.jpgLife is busy with a new baby and I understand that sometimes things don’t work out and you may need to cancel a booking with me.  As a small business, cancellations can have quite an impact.  My classes tend to fill quickly and so it is important that I know in advance if you would like to change a booking with me.  Here is my policy on cancellations, refunds and transferring places between classes and courses.

  • Payment is required in full at time of booking. Places cannot be reserved until payment has been made – thank you.
  • I’m afraid I cannot give refunds for cancellations once a booking and payment has been made.
  • I can transfer your booking into another course where space allows.  This is also true for any one-off classes missed due to appointments, illnesses etc.  The transfer of payment is like-for-like (a missed session in a five week course cannot be transferred to a Dads’ Workshop for example).

If you have any queries regarding this, please do let me know.  I do try to be as flexible, understanding and fair as possible.

Thankyou, Claire