Stories from the Lockdown Mums

It is a privilege to share these stories from Pandemic Parents. I am constantly amazed by the incredible new parents I meet each week and their stories of challenge and resilience. If you would like to add your story, please do get in touch.

Our 2020 Baby

When I think back a year ago,

I’d just pee’d on that stick,

We couldn’t quite believe it – we thought it was a trick!

And now 12 months have passed us, so quickly yet so slow,

This bloody Covid virus, seems it will never go!

Being pregnant during lockdown, was great to hide the sickness,

I chose cheese and crackers, whilst others all chose fitness.

Not seeing all my family, the ones who know me best

Meant I could easily keep the secret, and try and get some rest.

Midwife visits and baby scans, I had to do alone,

My husband had to be content with a pic sent to his phone.

Hearing baby’s heart beat, always brought so much relief,

More special moments stolen by that pesky Covid thief.

As lockdown one came to an end, my belly surely popped,

Everyone was gobsmacked at how quickly baby dropped.

Some people didn’t even see me carrying my baby,

They just hoped they could meet them soon. You know, one day. Maybe.

The midwives at the Royal, were all kind and so supportive,

They let my husband stay with me, because of how far away we lived.

Labour was no picnic, our little lady took her time,

But with her came a whirlwind and a ray of pure sunshine.

Whilst Covid may have thwarted us our pregnancy and mat leave,

And it’s easy to be hung up on the things that it has thieved,

We’re happy and we’re healthy as a family of three,

But Covid if you could do one now, that would be fine with me!

Our baby is the rainbow at the end of such a year,

And now as lockdown lifts again, each moment we’ll hold dear,

As she sees more faces, and meets all those who love her,

We’ll proudly show her to the world – our life, our love, our daughter.

Stacey Syme

March 2021

Kelly’s Story

I had my identical twin boys 8 weeks early at 31+5 in June 2020! Right when hospital visits were a big fat NO!! The day was a blur of so many feelings but love for them outshines them all. I had to have emergency section as Blake was footling breach and they got taken straight away to neonatal. Once I was all done in theatre I was taken to recover where I spent the time filling family in and that was a fast hour that then my sister in law who was my birthing partner was firmly told she had to go now! At that point I was taken to my room (thankfully I had own room!) got rest and get food before being taken to see my sons. Lucas was in intensive care while Blake was in high dependency. It felt like minutes I had with them then! Few quick snaps and then back to room for rest! Being in that room with nobody to visit and not having my babies was the strangest feeling I have ever had!! Not how I expected things to go. Thank god for FaceTime!! Over the next week I stayed in the hospital as any mum I didn’t want to be away from them. After the week I was discharged and went home (worst feeling ever leaving my boys there. As much as I knew they were safe and getting the best care!) I then spent just over two weeks going in and spending all day with them going between rooms until that amazing day where they got reunited in a big open cot which was around 10days old!! First double cuddle was the most amazing and special moment for me! After just over three weeks they came home and the fun started! I soon settled into the swing of being a single twin mum and simply loving every second of it! I guess there’s a massive part of me that has loved having this extra time with them and it being just us three. However as we all know new babies have hard and challenging times for us and there have been times I have really struggled in this last lockdown being alone (thank god for my bubble!!) these have not been because I have twins on my own these are because of lockdown and not being able to do anything! To even feeling so lonely!! I daily look at the positive in my life with my boys even on little sleep or a good night! If I can get through the last 9months well I feel like I can get through anything as a mum! Lockdown has made much stronger as a mum! Yet I feel it’s really effecting how kids can interact with people and so many people are missing out on meeting my amazing boys. Day by day they are changing and growing more aware of each other and I absolutely love it! These are the things I focus on!! I knew being a single mum was going to have its challenges but I never thought it was going to be because of lockdown!

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