Baby Yoga – What is it?

What actually is Baby Yoga? This is a question that I am often asked and I hope this will help describe a little about what happens in one of my Birthlight Baby Yoga classes. And yes, Baby Yoga is yoga for babies!

First of all, we start with a wee bit of chat and the opportunity to introduce yourself and your baby. I hated attending baby classes where no one spoke – and there’s certainly no danger of that happening in my classes! The class then opens with some gentle stretches and breathing exercises for parents before we break into songs and movements for the babies. Of course, we always ask their permission first.

The movements and poses for babies are similar but different every week. Babies enjoy repetition and familiarity so it’s important they can predict what’s happening and they understand what the class involves. Now I don’t want to give away all the secrets of the class, but each class will contain and mixture of different leg movements; arm movements; tummy time; bouncing or jumping; swings; lifts; and (for our olde babies only) inversions. Parents move into different positions during the class too – sitting, standing, walking and lying down.

There are loads and loads of benefits of Baby Yoga. Baby Yoga and Baby Massage are a perfect pair. Every movement has a basis in yoga so whilst not actually yoga, the movements for parents are designed for opportunities to stretch and loosen off. There are also plenty of reminders to engage the core, straighten up the posture or maybe even add in a wee pelvic floor exercise. Also, lifting an 18month old above your head could be classes as strenuous exercise!

At the end of the class, everyone lies down for a guided relaxation. Babies cuddle in with their parents, or crawl over to me with a bag of toys to maximise their parent’s chance of a moment of peace. Of course, there is a poem too.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, what are you waiting for? You can book a block right now!

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