Have you done Baby Massage?

“Have you done Baby Massage?”

“Yeah, I’ve done it.  Now we are doing [insert another baby class name here].”

To me, this has always been a very odd – but very common – exchange between parents.  It seems to me that for many parents Baby Massage is one of those things to tick off the mummy-baby to do list; you do a course and then it’s done.  Tick!  But it’s not!  I hope that those parents who have attended my courses realise that there is so much more to Baby Massage than the five week course.

3872123E-8DD1-4268-A6C4-DC158144B7D8Baby Massage is the most incredible tool for bonding and communicating with your baby; soothing and calming; relieving pain or discomfort; reducing in crying; boosting coordination; improving cognitive development; stimulating the immune system; and of course, everyone’s favourite – helping baby poo!  All of the benefits for your baby at 12 weeks, are the same for your 6 month old and even your 6 year old.  My own children regularly receive ‘baby’ massage and every single night they have massage of some description as part of their bedtime routine.  Baby Massage is skill for life, not just for the duration of a five week course.

I think this is where the idea starts – the five-ish week courses that Baby Massage Instructors offer.  The reason for this is to teach you each body part one week at a time and by the end of the course you know full body baby massage.   And then it’s done right?  Wrong!

In my course, I also include information that should help you bring baby massage into 4B2EF3A2-75A3-40C4-84A5-63B2AA80784Cyour daily routine and I hope to inspire you to massage your baby every day, and long after my course has finished.  I know many parents who have learned with me do continue using massage at home; I love getting the messages and pictures!  But I also realise that for many, the hectic life of a baby often means that baby massage can be side-lined.

This is why I run Baby Massage Follow-On Classes.  These classes contain all the same lovely aspects of the Introduction to Baby Massage that the parents enjoy – readings, parent relaxation activities, the opportunity to chat.  Babies receive a full body massage and parents continue to practise their skills. I also introduce story massage and offer some tips and pointers for massage as your baby grows.  As the babies are generally a little older in the Follow-On sessions, there are always some sensory toys to engage them whilst the parents chat.

Some of the advantages of attending a Follow-On class include…

  • Time every week to massage and bond with your baby
  • Opportunity to practice your baby massage skills
  • Advice and ideas for massaging a moving baby
  • Learning new skills including Story Massage
  • Chat with other parents in a supportive, non-judgemental environment
  • Special moments for yourself with relaxers and readers

“We loved it so much we came back for more!” Karen and baby Halle

“Classes are amazing. Great for meeting new people and helping you with ideas of things to do with baby at home” Gina and baby Chloe

So the next time you think that you have ‘done’ baby massage, think again.

Baby Massage Follow-On Classes are held at the Glencorse Centre, near Penicuik, Midlothian, on Wednesday mornings, 11:40-12:40.  Any baby under 11 months that has previously completed a baby massage course (even with a different instructor) is welcome to attend with a parent.  Classes are £7 each, booked and paid for in 4 or 5 week blocks.  Book now!


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