Summer 2018 Diary

60EA01CE-B758-4A4E-A5FF-E1D5ECA7A259.jpegThe summer started with  lovely holiday from work for me.  One of the main reasons I started my own business was to be really flexible with my working hours in order to never miss anything with my children; my previous job was pretty much the opposite.  So June and July were quiet in Baby Massage terms, but very busy family wise.  We had lots of fun at sports days and nursery trips and special classroom visits.  Then we jetted off to not-so-sunny Spain for a week and a complete break from work for me – something which is VERY hard to manage when you run the whole business all by yourself!

5CCFAFD4-A5A3-46D9-BD02-E41114084F53This July, I introduced some new Family Workshops and taught little groups of mummies with children story massage and peer massage.  The children ranged in age from 2 to 8 and everyone enjoyed learning lots of different massage techniques, stories and songs.  The children created their own story massages too.

“Claire was fantastic and I totally recommend her classes. She engaged the kids right from the start and explained and demonstrated everything clearly and succinctly. My children (ages 3 and 5) were a bit dubious about going to a massage class but both really enjoyed it. They got fully involved, remembered loads of the strokes and songs (great teaching!) and have been asking when we’re going again. They’ve also been asking to massage each other and me them. Oh and I managed to entirely stop a huge tantrum the other day by offering the “weather massage”. Win! Thank you Claire”  ElspethF2EE303C-D2A4-4C3A-9594-F5E0AD44359F

I had another lovely nursery visit at the beginning of August.  The group of about 15 3-5year olds were totally captivated and clearly loved learning peer massage.  I taught them four simple strokes to massage a partner’s back and introduced the Weather Massage.  The only interruption was from two brothers who were very keen to tell me they had seen an actual tornado in real life!  We finished the session with some Incy Wincy Spider teamed with back massage actions.

“I have done back massage and I can also sing Incy Wincy” Sofia, age 3

“It was tickly and funny and lovely” Lily, age 5

“Claire’s delivery was superb. The children showed real enjoyment and relaxed into the session. [Story massage] is promoting positive touch and the children have been adapting the stories to meet their own individual needs” Kirsty, Nursery Senior Team Leader

E5E2E5F5-4933-4751-9E2B-49210519F573It was a huge privilege to be invited to two parties this summer hosted by very inspiring local business mums.  My children and I had lots of fun at the Yummikeys first birthday party; I left the children at home for Lottie’s Baby Boutique launch party at Tiger Lily!

As the school holidays draw to a close, I have started Baby Massage five week IAIM courses again and I am currently working with a lovely group of mummies with babies at the Glencorse Centre.  My next block of Baby Massage at Glencorse (September) is completely full with a waiting list but I am taking bookings for the course starting 3rd October.

I am starting teaching at a new venue from 30th August – Leaf and Bean Café in Morningside – very exciting!

Also, watch this space for more information about…

To book a class or enquire about a school or nursery visit, complete a contact form and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


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