Baby Massage with Daddy Workshop

0E1BF5A7-6B1C-4909-A271-6CE6B23746EFI firmly believe that every parent should learn baby massage.  For mums on maternity leave baby massage classes are pretty accessible, however for Daddy busy working during the week, finding a suitable class could prove more challenging.

I run one-off Saturday morning workshops for the Daddies to learn some baby massage and get a flavour of what the mums have been experiencing in the full course.

The workshops generally include some Daddy relaxation (NOT a massage as I’m frequently asked!); gentle movements inspired by baby yoga; baby massage of legs and one other body part; story massage, sensory play or Daddy-Baby interaction activity; homebaking and chat about Dad-hood.

The workshop is a Mum-free zone!  Mummies can attend and relax in the cafe in the nextdoor room, close at hand should she need to feed baby.

These workshops are really fantastic opportunities for daddy and baby to spend quality time together, for dads to experience the delight of massaging their baby and for dads to get together to chat, encourage and support one another.


Saturday 16th February 2019


Glencorse Centre Auchendinny Midlothian

book here 

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